Are Plantation Shutters Out of Style 2023?

Are Plantation Shutters Out of Style 2023?


The other day I met a couple in our studio who asked me if plantation shutters are out of style in 2023. This is not an uncommon question we receive, especially from people that just moved to Southwest Florida. So, in this blog post, I’m gonna share my answer. 


The short answer to this question is – No. Plantation Shutters are still very much in style for 2023. It makes up almost half of all our sales. As a window treatment that dates back to the Middle Ages, it is the longest-lasting window treatment design trend. Starting as a solid piece of wood, it eventually changed into a louvered shutter during the 15th century.



White Plantation shutter with 4 1/2" louvers


The initial shutters were mainly there to provide protection and security from outside elements as well as provide ventilation during the warm summer months.

Fast forward to today, interior shutters still provide functional value, but it is also a design element to the home. While you might still think of plantation shutters as a dark cover-up with many small slats filling up the window, creating the feeling of “being shuttered in”. This is no longer the case.

Today we can provide several different slat sizes, designs, and colors to match the modern look of today’s interiors.


Why are Plantation Shutters so popular? 


Shutters are customizable

SunCoast Blinds shutters come in three different louver sizes; 2 ½”, 3 ½”, and 4 ½” wide slats. Depending on your size you will see a huge difference in view, natural light intake as well as how well they block out the light in the closed position. It will also determine if you’re going for a more traditional or contemporary look in your home.


3 Color Options for Poly-Resin Shutters


Other customizable features are color, and tilting mechanism options. For example, if you want to go for the more traditional look you might prefer a tilting rod in the front of the shutter, while a contemporary look would use what we call clear-view. Learn more about the design options available


Shutters improve the curb appeal and increase the value of your home 

Shutters add a finished look to your home and look fantastic from the outside. Not only does it create a good first impression, but it is also proven to sell your home faster and is the only window treatment that is considered a permanent improvement to your home.


The most durable window treatment available 

Shutters built to last a lifetime. They are easy to clean and will require little to no maintenance. No fabric will tear or get dirty, you just wipe down the slats and you’re good to go.


25-year warranty

Shutters generally come with a warranty. At SunCoast Blinds we provide a 25-year warranty with all our shutters.


Tax-free products

As a consumer, you do not pay sales tax on your plantation shutters. This is because plantation shutters are considered a permanently installed home improvement.


A safe option for kids and pets

Shutters are cordless and provide a safe solution for any home with pets or children. They are easy to clean and our poly-resin shutters can even handle a crayon here and there. 


boy and corgi laying on bed reading a book



Most window coverings are created to provide some kind of function outside its look.

Plantation shutters are very effective at keeping heat out during the hot summer months, which is year-round for us Floridians. It will equally trap the heat inside during the cold winter months providing an excellent insulating effect for homes up north.

A maybe more surprising element to shutters is how well they keep road noise out. It might not be the main solution to the noise problem but it is a bonus feature.

So, what are some of the cons?


What are the cons of plantation shutters? 


Shutters are an investment 

Shutters are not the cheap way to go. Buying plantation shutters is an investment. But once you purchase them, you won’t have to worry about them again. All you have to do is minor maintenance as dusting and cleaning to keep them in top shape. 


They can’t be moved out of the way

Unlike roller shades or blinds that you can pull up out of the way, you can’t move shutters for a “clear” view. Once they’re installed, they’re there. This is why the new modern louver size of 4 1/2″ louvers adds a nice, free sight once you tilt them in the open position. But the fact is still true, that there will be some form of obstruction in your window at all times. 


Furniture location can inhibit the use 

To allow full rotation of your louvers you need to make sure there is clearance from any furniture or bulky window jambs.


In some situations, tilt-in windows can be inhibited by shutters

Tilt-in windows can be inhibited by plantation shutters depending on design choice. During your consultation with a shutter expert, this is something that should be discussed and addressed accordingly.

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