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SunCoast Blinds shutters are a luxury product built to last a lifetime. They represent only the highest quality shutter possible and a life free from maintenance. 

All of our shutters come with a 25-year warranty.

We are never further than a phone call away.

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Modern Bathroom with Plantation Shutters

We take quality seriously, as proven by the Greenguard Gold Certified badge on our products. This certification is awarded only to products that are safe for use in hospitals, schools, and nursing homes, and emit low VOCs. We know our clients want the best, so that’s all we offer.

Poly-Resin Shutters

Poly-Resin Shutters

The most innovative shutter in the world since 1992.

Looks like wood while being an outdoor-rated product that withstands any environment. Easy to clean and with zero maintenance, will never fade or change color. Once installed, you will never have to think about window fashions again.

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The SunCoast Experience:

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You Call Us 

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Give us a call or fill out our contact form to set up an in-home consultation. You can also visit our studio to start the process. 

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We Handle Everything 

Sit back and relax!

Once we get your shutters in our hands we will call you to schedule the installation. 

On installation day, we will remove old window treatments and install your new beautiful customized shutters. 

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You Love The Results!


Your plantation shutters are ready to be used. 

The purchase of your shutters includes a 25-year warranty. If you ever have any questions or concerns- just give us a call! 

Wood Shutters

Wood shutters are the solution when specialty customization is required. If your windows don’t have right angles or a stain finish would make your room pop, wood shutters are the answer. Our wood shutters are locally made in Fort Myers using basswood which is a North American-sourced hardwood. Our wood shutters turn your less-than-normal windows into more than amazing.

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3 Color Options for Poly-Resin Shutters

Designed - With You

When designing your plantation shutters it’s important to understand that some options will affect its functionality while other design elements are of personal taste. We take a design-through-education approach to customize your shutters. Our goal is for you to love both the form and the function of your shutters for years to come.

Poly-resin comes in three shades of white: cotton, pearl, and vanilla, while wood is custom-painted to mimic any color. The concept is to match the existing trim around your home, making your shutters feel like a part of your home since it was built.

3 Color Options for Poly-Resin Shutters

Louver Size

Our shutters come with three different options of louver sizes.

SunCoast Blind's most popular size among our clients is the 4 1/2-inch louver. This site provides the best light and view while open and the most darkness when it's closed. With fewer louvers in your window, there is less obstruction between you and your view.

If you don't want to go quite that large, 3 1/2-inch shutters are still beloved. This size is easy to make modern or more traditional depending on your other design choices. It's a one-size-fits-all option.

The 2 1/2-inch louvers are the smallest option and provide a colonial look to your home. This option might be a good choice for a small window but is not optimal for larger openings.

2.5 inch shutter
3.5 inch shutter
4.5 inch shutter

2 1/2"

3 1/2"

4 1/2"

Tilt Options

Tilt Options refers to how you open and close the louvers of your plantation shutters.

White Plantation Shutter with Tilt Bar in front

Tilt Bar

The Tilt Bar provides a tight and uniform closure of all louvers at once and is located on the front center of each panel.  This option gives your shutters a classic look.

White Plantation Shutter with Clear-view

Clear View

Clear View offers a more contemporary look to your interior design. With Clear View, you open and close your louvers by simply moving one louver in the section. Connectors are located in the back of the shutter to offer a clean and undivided view of the outdoors.

White Plantation Shutter with Gear View

Gear View

The latest innovation is the hidden Gear View system. It enhances the look and operation of our shutters. Features include reduced depth requirements, smooth louver operation, one-touch control, and an improved closure of louvers.  It also removes any visible bar from your window.

Frame Options

Trim Frame for Shutter in white

Trim Frame

Decorative frame that is used for inside mounts in openings with drywall returns and without trim.

Bullnose Frame for shutter in white

Bullnose Frame

Decorative frame that is used for inside mounts that has rounded edges and modern style. Excellent for slightly out-of-square windows because the flange covers any imperfections.

Casing sill Frame for shutter in white

Casing Sill Frame

A smaller decorative frame that combines the Casing and a basic sill frame.

Deluxe Trim Frame for shutter in white

Deluxe Trim Frame

The largest, most decorative frame that is used for inside mounts in openings with drywall returns and without trim.

L-frame for shutter in white

L Frame

The L frame can be used on an inside mount if you already have decorative trim that you do not wish to cover up. It can also be used for outside mounts directly on top of trim or beside trim.

S Frame for shutter in white

S Frame

A smaller decorative frame is also used to cover the existing trim. It is installed directly into the wall and is an outside mount only.

Divider Rail

Our Divider Rail is a stationary piece separating the tilt mechanism from the top to the bottom of the panel. This feature provides maximum privacy while still letting light filter into your interior space. Our Divider rail also adds extra structural strength to shutters with large panels.

Shutter with divider rail
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Excellent Warranty


All our shutters come with a 25 year warranty


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