The Best Window Treatments for Bonita Springs, FL

The Best Window Treatments for Homes in Bonita Springs, Florida


Owning a home in Bonita Springs Florida means you are exposed to many weather conditions year-round. From the blazing hot sun to the humidity. Even tho we love to enjoy our Florida climate when we spend time outside, we’re constantly trying to protect our home from these conditions. Except for a functioning air conditioning unit, we need to address the window and door openings of our homes. So, what are the best window treatments for Bonita Springs FL?


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The best window treatments for homes in Bonita Springs FL are plantation shutters, motorized screen shades, and window tinting. They’re the perfect solution for controlling the UV rays and minimizing the heat entering your home. 

Different situations will decide what window treatments are needed, so when do you choose what?


Bonita Springs climate

Bonita Springs has an average of 271 sunny days annually. With the lowest temperature around 53 Fahrenheit in January. Bonita Springs have an average of 107 days reaching temperatures of 90 Fahrenheit and above.

Humidity in Bonita Springs is significant throughout the year, and very intense during the summer.   The humid season extends from April-November and the most comfortable months are December-March. With this said heat, UV rays, and humidity are elements we need to battle with daily.


Living in Bonita Springs

Bonita Springs is made up of a lot of gated communities, in which we live close to our neighbors. Even in the case of a home in a non-gated community, it’s rare to find any significant amount of land. With this said, creating privacy for anyone looking into our homes is an issue a lot of the residents of Bonita Springs have.

Even tho we love our neighbors, our home is our safe space. We want to be able to live our daily lives without any curious eyes looking in at all times. The best way to create privacy, and also provide a beautiful curb appeal is by installing custom window treatments.


Best insulating window treatments from the outside heat

Plantation shutters, screen shades, and film will all insulate from outside heat.

If heat is your main problem, and you’re not concerned about light control or privacy control, a window film is the perfect solution. The window film is installed on the window to stay in place permanently, without obstructing the view. Depending on the film, this look can range from a clear film, barely visible, or a darker film, that will darken the glass of your window at all times. Window film is recommended for openings that you want to leave as they are or as an addition to any window you will put window treatments on as well.


How do plantation shutters open and close


Plantation shutters are one of the best window treatments to use if you want to insulate your home. Shutters will keep the cool inside, and the heat out by creating an additional barrier in the window for the heat to penetrate through. It’s important to understand that the best insulation is created with the shutters in the closed position. Which is usually not how people keep their shutters daily. This is the best option if you want a permanent window treatment on your window, to offer a decorative look and the ability to control various issues at once.

The benefit of the motorized screen shades is that they are there when you need them. And they can be easily hidden behind a valance when not in use. This is also true for the protection they provide. Screen shades are phenomenal to keep the heat out, but as soon as you roll up the shade, that insulation is gone. Shades are usually installed on larger sliding glass doors that are the main ingress-egress points of the home.


Best Light Filtering window treatments

If the sun is blinding your eyes, and this is the main concern of your opening. We recommend a screen shade or plantation shutters.

The screen shades are usually recommended for large sliding glass doors that are often used to go in and out of.  The reason for this is that a motorized screen shade is easily operated with the push of a button to easily access the door. It’s also a great option if you want to enjoy your view fully during times when you’re not using your shades. In most cases, the screen shades are still allowing a beautiful view through the fabric when in a down position. Read more about the different opacities and colors here. This is especially valuable to consider if you have a view you treasure, looking out over the pond, canal, golf course, or beach. It’s also a great option for sliders that still have protection from a small roof, but need sun control during the sunrise and sunset hours of the day.



Plantation shutters are not flexible in the way that you can move them off the window entirely,  but they are flexible in how you can tilt your shutters to bring in more or less light. We recommend plantation shutters with the new large 4 1/2″ louver for any window opening where you want to be able to control heat, light, and privacy- all at once.


Best UV-blocking window treatments to control fading

UV rays are not only harmful to humans but also to our furniture, flooring, and art. If you have a window in Bonita Springs without any type of protection, you will soon notice how your flooring has a different shade compared to the flooring underneath your rug. Furniture and decor will fade in color and art can be severely damaged.

To protect against the harsh UV rays at all times, our best bet is to invest in window film. This way, once installed, we don’t ever have to worry about it again.

The second best option is plantation shutters which will provide great protection against UV rays. It’s important to tilt your louvers up, to protect your furniture and flooring when relying on shutters. This will direct the sun up to the ceiling instead of on our valuables. If we keep them in a different position, the UV rays will still be able to fade our interior. As long as you understand how to use your shutters correctly, this is not an issue.

Screen shades are a very good protector from UV rays as well. Its downside is, that it only provides protection when in use. Leaving your home exposed to the sun during the times you leave your screen shade rolled up.


sun faded furniture Bonita Springs fl


Best Humidity-resistant window treatments

Plantation shutters, screen shades, and window film are all great options for our Florida climate. Before purchasing window treatments it’s important to understand that all shutters, shades, or film aren’t alike. The quality of the product varies greatly. At SunCoast Blinds in Bonita Springs, we work with the most superior products on the market, specializing in handling the harsh climate of Southwest Florida.

At SunCoast Blinds we prefer to work with poly-resin shutters. This is the most durable of any shutter material and can handle moisture, sun, and heat without changing color, warp, or needing future maintenance more than regular cleaning. This is superior to composite or wood shutters that will need to be refinished over time, and that can’t handle humid areas.

Our screen shades are made of vinylized fiberglass. This material is proven to handle extreme heat with minimal stretching. It is also a great choice for wet areas, as it’s waterproof and can even get hosed down if it needs a deep clean.

If you want to learn more about our services, you can visit our studio or schedule an in-home consultation here.


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