What are smart blinds?

What are smart blinds and shades?


Somfy Smart blinds
Somfy Smart Blinds

Smart blinds are an innovative technological development within the world of window treatments.

As the name suggests, “smart” blinds and shades are equipped with technology that enables them to be controlled remotely through a smartphone app, tablet, or home assistant device such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Smart shades and blinds are typically connected through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology, making them compatible with almost any modern household. With a small effort, you can create the “wow”-factor to impress guests and provide ultimate convenience in your life.


How do I make my blinds smart?

To make your blinds smart you need four things:

  • Internet connection in your home
  • Motorized window treatments
  • A smart hub
  • A device to control the shades with, such as a phone, tablet, or voice assistant. Assuming you already have a phone and Internet at home, this post will dive deeper into window treatments and the hub section.


What window treatments can turn smart?

At SunCoast Blinds we pride ourselves on only offering the best motors on the market. This allows all our hardwired and rechargeable motorized window treatments to be compatible with a smart hub.

Watch out! Cheaper motors won’t work with smart hubs. Check if the motors you’re getting are compatible with your system to avoid a costly error.


What is a smart hub?

A smart hub is a control center for a smart home. It allows different parts of the home to communicate and interact with each other.

At SunCoast Blinds we offer two brands of hubs: Somfy Tahoma Hub and Rollease Automate Pulse Hub 2.

We use the Somfy Tahoma Hub for our hardwired motors and the Rollease Automate Pulse Hub 2 for all our rechargeable motors.


Somfy Tahoma Hub

Somfy smart shades Bonita Springs FL

Some available features:

  • Create timed events
  • Create up to 40 scenes and 40 schedules to automatically operate your applications, such as shades, awnings, and screens.
  • Remote access using a mobile app
  • Compatible with most third-party systems such as Control4, Creston, Savant, Elan, RTI, URC, and Brilliant.
  • Works with Amazon Alexa, Phillips Hue, Samsung SmartThings, Google Assistant, and IFTTT.
  • Learn more about the Somfy Tahoma Hub features here.



Rollease Automate Pulse 2.0

Rollease Pulse Hub 2 Smart shades Bonita Springs FL


Some available features:

  • Voice Controlled.
  • Works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit.
  • Sunrise and sunset detection.
  • Live feedback for battery levels and shade positions.
  • Customized shade control based on time, schedule, or weather.
  • Learn more about Rollease Automate Pulse 2.0 here. 


Why should you invest in smart blinds?

  • Adding convenience to your shades or blinds will allow you to use them more often. Providing more protection to your flooring, furniture, and art in your home.
  • Higher frequency of usage means higher energy efficiency, allowing your air conditioner to not work so hard during the warmest hours of the day.

But, what separates the smart shades from the motorized ones?

  • Additional safety to your home. Controlling your window treatments from afar or setting a schedule for the time you’re away can be handy and boost home security. Setting a schedule for your window shades to move can create the illusion that someone is still at home. This can potentially deter burglars from breaking into your house.
  • Smart shades improve sleep and wake-up experience with natural light through windows, enhancing sleep quality and morning comfort.
  • As you become more familiar with how you’re using your shades, you can create scenes for different occasions. Create a scene for date night, movie night, or the brightest hours of the day. Change multiple shades with a simple push on your device or by asking for a voice-controlled home device.
  • You can’t deny it. Smart shades add that WOW factor to your home.

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