Should Plantation Shutters Color Match The Window Frame?

Should I Color Match Plantation Shutters With My Window Frames?


So, you’re in the midst of sprucing up your space and pondering over the color of your new plantation shutters. Should your plantation shutters match your window frame?

Well, let me tell you straight up- yes, absolutely! (With a small exception, but we get to that later).

Matching those shutters with the window frame is the secret that ties everything together, without an obvious line of where the window casing ends and the shutter begins.


 Plantation shutter with tilt bar behind chair


Why Should I Match The Color?


Shutters are constructed to seamlessly blend in with the window, creating the illusion of being an original part of the home rather than an afterthought. This principle applies to various design choices such as tilting options, frame options, louver sizes, and colors. Depending on the selections you make, you can achieve either a traditional or contemporary appearance. It is crucial to ensure that the design choices you make harmonize with the existing interior design of your home.

Matching your shutters with the window frame offers additional benefits, including creating a sense of spaciousness and achieving a cohesive look throughout the room.

Plantation Shutter colors Bonita Springs FLAt SunCoast Blinds, we provide two types of shutters: premium wood and poly-resin. Our premium wood shutters offer the option to custom-paint or stain them in any desired color. On the other hand, the poly-resin shutters are available in three shades of white: Cotton (brightest white), Pearl, and Vanilla.

The cotton color is highly sought-after by our customers for its modern appeal. To achieve a seamless match, we recommend repainting the window frame in Sherwin Williams – Bright White, which closely resembles the cotton shade.


Design tip:

Paint the inside of your window wells white to give the shutters a better depth and make your windows look more finished and intentional. 


What’s the exception to the rule?

Matching shutters with window frame color

Although matching the shutter color to the window frame is generally advised, there is an exception to consider.

When executed properly, a different shutter color can create a stunning visual statement. This approach involves intentionally choosing contrasting colors to achieve a sense of drama and make a striking impact on the overall space.

However, it is important to note that this rule requires contrasting colors and doesn’t work on varying shades of white. This will have the opposite effect and create a poorly designed and cheap appearance.

The goal in designing shutters is to ensure they enhance the overall aesthetic of the home without becoming a distracting element in the space.


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