What is the moiré effect on window shades?

The Moiré Effect On Window Shades


Have you ever noticed strange patterns or distortions on your window screen shades, making you question if your eyes were playing tricks on you? Chances are, you’ve encountered the moiré effect.



In this blog post, we’ll dive into the moiré effect, how it manifests on window screen shades, and most importantly, how to banish it for good.



 What is the moiré effect? And specifically, what is it on window shades?

Imagine you’re looking through a window screen and suddenly notice wavy, shifting patterns that seem to dance before your eyes. That’s the moiré effect at work. When two grid-like patterns, such as the weave of a screen and the pixels of a digital display, overlap or interact, they create an interference pattern known as moiré. Specifically, on window screen shades, this effect occurs when the fine mesh of the shade interacts with light or the underlying pattern, leading to visual distortions.


moiré effect in window shades
Moiré effect on window shades

How do you remove the moiré effect from your window shades?

Dealing with the moiré effect can be frustrating, but fear not – there are solutions!

If you believe the moiré effect will create issues in your space, you can speak with your window treatment company to see what alternatives they offer to handle this situation. At SunCoast Blinds we offer our clients a non-structured weave fabric, specially made to avoid the moiré effect. This fabric is not made up of perfect square holes like other screen shades, allowing two shades in front of each other without dizzy, wavery effects.


Fabric to avoid moiré effect on windows
Our fabric created to remove the moiré effect

If this option isn’t available to you, you can aim for other window fashions. Fabric treatments, that are not made out of any mesh material as well as plantation shutters are a safe option to avoid the effect.

If you already purchased your window treatments and are trying to remove the effect your easiest path is to remove the insect screens from your window.


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