How To Reduce TV-glare

What Can I Do To Reduce Glare On My TV?


How To Reduce TV-glare


Whether you’re binge-watching your favorite series or catching up on the latest movies, there’s nothing more frustrating than pesky glare ruining your viewing experience. Fear not, we’ve got you covered with six simple and effective solutions to minimize the screen glare.


Here are 6 steps to a better viewing experience:

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Turn the lights off 

If the TV glare is created by light sources inside your home, try to turn off as many lights as you can. Ambient lighting, especially when it directly hits the screen, can create an annoying reflection that detracts from the viewing pleasure. By dimming or completely turning off lights in the room, you can significantly diminish glare and enjoy a clearer picture.


Put a light behind the screen 

For those who prefer to not watch TV in complete darkness, the option for indirect lighting can be a great compromise. Soft, diffused lighting sources positioned away from the TV screen can provide adequate illumination in the room without causing glare. This approach maintains a cozy ambiance while still minimizing reflections on the screen.

Ultimately, the goal is to strike a balance between ambient lighting setups, and finding what works best for your space can make a noticeable difference in reducing glare and relieving eye strain.

We love these light strips behind the TV.


Tilt the TV 

The best tilt angle typically depends on the location of light sources in the room. If you have overhead lighting or windows that cast direct light onto the screen, tilting the TV slightly downward can help minimize reflections. This angle deflects incoming light away from the viewer’s line of sight, reducing glare and improving visibility.

Try to experiment with different tilt positions to identify the best angle for the light in your room.


Get Window Fashions 

Window fashions such as motorized shades are a fantastic tool for minimizing the glare. If your main concern is a lot of natural light coming through your windows, then this is your best solution. Motorized window shades come in a variety of different opacities and colors to be customized to your interior design and needs.

With a simple push of a button, you can lower your shades without leaving the couch, providing the perfect protection to enjoy your show or sports event.

Additionally, window shades are not only effective in reducing glare on the TV screen but also in creating a more comfortable and inviting atmosphere in the room. Shades will control the room temperature, lowering your energy cost as well as providing privacy from neighbors. Not everyone has to know about your guilty-pleasure shows.

Did you know? If you go the extra step to make your shades smart, you can create a movie theater setting in your app.  This way you can control your shades via your phone or with a command to Amazon Alexa.

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Buy an anti-glare screen

An anti-glare screen is a display filter designed to reduce reflections and minimize glare on the screen surface. An anti-glare screen can enhance visibility and reduce eye strain but will also lower the picture quality. This can be a great option if you moved all your light and don’t want to invest in window fashions yet. You can find anti-glare screen protectors on Amazon or from companies such as GlareStopper.

If you want to take it a step further, and even use the TV as art when it’s not in use, Samsung offers “The Frame”-TV. This TV is slim and has an anti-reflective screen to look just like a piece of art on the wall. The anti-reflective screen is giving the screen a matte look and removes a lot of the glare a normal TV screen has.


Adjust the monitor’s brightness 

Try to adjust the monitor’s brightness to match the area directly behind it. Most displays will allow you to control the brightness of the screen. This will create less glare but it will also be kinder to your eyes.

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