What are the tilting options for plantation shutters?

How to choose a tilting option for your plantation shutters


In this post, we will dive into the world of plantation shutter tilting mechanisms.

Purchasing plantation shutters for your home will require you to make decisions to determine the design, but also the functionality of your new shutters. One of these options is the tilting mechanism used for rotating the louvers within the panel.



At SunCoast Blinds we offer three alternatives;

  • Traditional Tilt Bar
  • Clear View
  • Gear View.

So, let’s figure out how you choose the best tilting option for your home.


Three tilting options for plantation shutters

Tilting options for Plantation shutters

Traditional Tilt Bar

The traditional tilt bar is a vertical rod running along the middle of the panel connecting all the louvers for easy adjustment. This is typically the design people think of when they think of plantation shutters. The tilt bar has stood the test of time because it’s reliable and incredibly user-friendly. There is no doubt when looking at a shutter with a tilt bar on how you adjust the slats of the shutter. It also provides a traditional look to the shutter, making a statement on the interior design of your home.

However, there are a few considerations to bear in mind. While the traditional tilt bar adds a touch of elegance, some may find its visibility slightly distracting. The added tilt bar will be a distracting element to the view through your window. So, if you have a view worth looking at, you might want to consider a sleeker look.

The tilt bar is also the most difficult option for cleaning the shutter.

So, when does it shine brightest?
Opt for the traditional tilt bar if you appreciate classic design and prioritize functionality over view-through.


Plantation shutters and window sill Bonita Springs FL


Clear View Shutters

The Clear View option is a stylish alternative that gives a modern spin to traditional plantation shutters. With Clear View, the tilt rod in the front of the shutter is eliminated. Instead, there is a slim bar located on the backside of the shutter, which holds the louvers together. This bar is situated to the side of the back, and in most cases, it goes unnoticed. It is not intended to be interacted with; all operations are performed through the louvers themselves. Unlike using a tilt bar to open and close the louvers, a Clear View shutter is operated by tilting any of the louvers within the panel.

Clear-View shutters are user-friendly as you can simply grab any of the louvers within the panel. However, due to this feature, there may be more fingerprints on the louvers, necessitating more frequent cleaning compared to shutters with a tilt bar. Fortunately, plantation shutters are easy to clean and highly durable.

The clear-view feature is best suited if you want a contemporary look, a better view through without distracting elements, and without paying for any upgrades. At SunCoast Blinds, this is by far the most chosen feature among our clients.


Clar view bar visibility in back


Gear View Shutters

With this innovative feature, the tilt mechanism is discreetly hidden within the framework of the shutters, creating a clean and uncluttered appearance. It’s the ultimate choice for the person that is looking for that “extra”. With no visible tilting mechanism, the gear view gives a clean modern look from both inside as well as outside the home.

The trade-off is found in the higher manufacturing cost, resulting in a higher price tag compared to the traditional tilt bar and the clear view. At SunCoast Blinds this comes as an additional upgrade.

Gear View is the perfect fit for the homeowner who wants a contemporary look without any distractions. It’s also a useful feature in situations with little clearance behind the shutter, especially when installing shutters on doors.

At SunCoast Blinds our window treatment specialists will evaluate each window and door to let you know if the gear view option would be beneficial to you for functionality purposes.


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