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Poly-Resin vs Solid Wood Shutters

Most of the windows in the greater Naples area are suitable for poly-resin shutters. Poly-resin is a more durable product that can withstand the extreme weather conditions southwest Florida provides. It's versatile enough to give you the privacy you need for that window in your shower, yet beautiful enough to help finish off that window in your dinning room.

However, our solid wood shutters are fantastic and have their place in the windows of Naples as well. When we have clients that desire custom colors, finishes or shapes, wood is the perfect solution. In short, there is no one size fits all answer to the age old question of what shutter material is best. It all depends on you and your home. The only one size fits all answer is that SunCoast can be counted on to give you the best shutter experience in town.

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239 495 6558

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