What is the life expectancy of plantation shutters?

How long can I expect my plantation shutters to last?


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Plantation shutters are a beautiful way to decorate your windows and protect your home from the sun. But compared to some more cost-conscious options, plantation shutters require a larger budget. Before spending the money, it’s important to see if the initial cost will pay off over the years. So, what is the life expectancy of plantation shutters?

The life expectancy of plantation shutters is 25 years. This is based on the Lifetime Limited Warranties offered by the manufacturer of the shutter. But, in reality, plantation shutters can last way longer than this without any issues. 

So, how does a limited lifetime warranty initiate that it’s 25 years?


Limited Lifetime Warranty of what?

When people read lifetime limited warranty they usually tend to focus on the “lifetime” part. But, a lifetime of who or what? When you purchase window treatments (in our experience), the lifetime refers to the lifetime of the product itself. It does not refer to the lifetime of the purchaser or the home. So, if you purchase a blind that has a product lifetime of 10 years, that’s what the warranty is referring to.

In our case, we offer our customers a 25-year warranty, which is a lifetime limited warranty defined by our manufacturer. So, before you purchase shutters from any company, make sure to understand what the warranty is actually covering.

Most of the limited lifetime warranties will only be in effect as long as it’s owned by the original purchaser. This means that, as soon as you sell your home, the warranty is no longer in effect for the new homeowner. An example of this is the warranty offered by the very popular brand Hunter Douglas. At SunCoast Blinds we do like to provide extra support to our customers, and if something isn’t out of the ordinary, we gladly help the new homeowners if any issue arises.

It’s always worth asking your local shutter expert if they’re willing to help, even if their contract might state the opposite. This is also one of the huge benefits of working with a local expert versus an online company.

A good quality shutter, should be able to offer a substantial warranty. If the company can’t offer you a substantial warranty, this could be a sign of them not trusting their own quality of their product.


Common exclusions from Shutter Warranty Coverage 

While a shutter warranty is pretty extensive, there are certain things that will cancel the warranty of the shutter. In short, before you do anything outside the normal with your shutter, make sure it doesn’t affect the warranty.

Some exclusions are:

  • The shutter is not used as the product is intended to be used.
  • Any damage caused by negligence, intentional acts, accidents, or chemicals.
  • Damaged by improper handling or installation.
  • Shutters which has been repaired or modified by any person other than an authorized representative.
  • Any damage caused by wind, hail, lightning, or other acts of God.

Maintenance and Cleaning for longer life expectancy

Over time, the shutters will collect dust and dirt. Luckily, plantation shutters are very easy to maintain. Normal dusting can be done with a Swiffer or a damp cloth. If you have wood shutters you need to make sure you dry them thoroughly since it is a painted wood product. For more stubborn dirt or stains you can try to use a magic eraser.

While cleaning your shutters you should avoid using any chlorine-based cleaners. You also want to be careful to not hit the tilt bar or the clear-view bar in the back of the shutter too hard, as it can pop out the parts from the louvers.

If this happens the individual louver will turn freely, independent from the other louvers. Sometimes you will be able to pop the parts back in place on your own, but wood shutters have a tendency to break and need a replacement. This is a small repair but any time without a fully functional shutter is an eyesore that we all rather avoid.


how to clean your plantation shutters


Cleaning Supply List for Plantation Shutters
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Shutters – the most durable window treatment

The plantation shutter is by far the most durable window treatment on the market. Especially durable is our favorite top seller: poly-resin shutters.

Poly-resin is an outdoor-rated material, that’s able to withstand the sun and the rain without any change to the product itself. With the appearance of a premium wood shutter, but without the painted surface, it will never fade or chip. The material makes it waterproof, easier to clean than a wood shutter, and guaranteed from ever needing a refinish. The poly-resin shutter is perfect for Florida homes that are constantly being hit with harsh sunlight, humidity, and salt from the ocean.

In fact, if your shutters get extremely soiled, you could even take it outside to hose it down. Several of our customers can attest to this when they could reuse their shutters after Hurricane Ian, even tho their homes took in 8 feet of water.

Being this durable also makes them a great candidate for homes with children and pets. Plantation shutters are also cordless, making them one of the safest options for your children and pets.


What’s the life expectancy of plantation shutter design?

Considering how many hundreds of years plantation shutters have been around, it has been a slow evolution in design. Today modern shutter has wider louvers, enhanced quality materials, and more option on how to rotate the louvers compared to the “old fashioned” shutter.

The evolution of the shutter has all aimed towards a better view when open and fewer light gaps when closed. If you’re worried about your shutters standing the test of time. History shows that aiming for a larger louver is the correct decision. This way you know that you follow the natural evolution of the product.

Today we rarely see the 2 1/2″ louver. Instead we see that the trends move more and more toward the 4 1/2″ louver.

Shutter Louver sizes Bonita Springs FL

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